Google Hotel Room Booking

Google is taking its ambition to dominate the accommodation sector to a whole new level through the introduction of a new feature called the Room Booking Module or RBM to its product Google Hotel Ads. This new feature will show hotel room prices, photos, and any other relevant information. Why is Google Launching Room Booking […]

Increase Hotel Website Conversion Rate

When it comes to the travel and hospitality, there are several ways through which conversion rate can be boosted on your Hotel website and these ways have been outlined here. Most importantly, you need to ensure that your prices are competitive enough because price is a powerful driving force. Most guests will definitely go for […]

Cloud Security for Hotels

Cloud Security, Innovation Go Hand In Hand For Hotels Judging by the growing number of high-profile data breaches that have happened in recent times; such as Orbitz and Target, it is not surprising that hotels are increasingly becoming worried about cloud security. This has caused many in the industry to doubt the need for a […]

Choosing a reservation system

One major factor that continues to influence the decisions and approach by travel industries and hotels on the management of reservation systems is the search for sustainable system personalization. As the central reservation system (CRS) continues to grow popular and bigger, the ability to perform certain task becomes a primary concern for hoteliers and travel […]

Facebook new ad strategy

Hotel Website Conversion Rates

An Insight Into Hotel Website Conversion Rates The rate of conversion for hotel websites is influenced by different factors. Which is why it will be unprofessional to think of meeting a revolution is this industry. There’s a need to understand the elements contained in the whole rating task fully. Also, you need to make an […]

Video In Your Marketing Techniques

Why You Need To Include Videos In Your Marketing Techniques For several reasons, video has become a super-effective online marketing tool that every serious Hotel Marketeer must include in their marketing techniques. To underscore this opinion, here are some of the facts Google discovered among Asia Pacific travelers. Believe it or not, an average traveler […]

Gaining more Customer Loyalty

The Three Steps Companies Employ To Gain Loyal Customers Customer loyalty is something businesses go to great lengths to win over, against competitors and partners alike. Of course, the higher the level of loyalty a company is able to draw from its customers, the easier it is for such figures to translate into sales values […]

Facebook Advertising how to start?

How To Enhance Your Direct Booking With Facebook Advertising Facebook is no doubt, one of the most productive advertising platforms available today. In case you do not know, Facebook advertising can be a great source of bookings, thanks to its detailed targeting options. Nevertheless, there is the need to ensure proper organisational setup. Interestingly, you […]

China the largest contributor

While outpacing the overall international average of 4 percent, China now boasts of a yearly increase of 30 percent thereby representing the highest percentage increase in search traffic. India comes next with a year-on-year search increase of 16 percent, while Indonesia followed in third place with just 12 percent. According to the results for the […]

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