Hotel Loyfa Natural Resort

48 room resort in Koh Phangan

  • Implemented Hotelogix Cloud based property Management system

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The challenge:

A a practical example of an establishment that transferred its manually-handled operations to cloud-based property management systems

The Results:

 "The hotel is running a seamless operation management system as compared to the manual work we used to do earlier. It is giving us precise and prompt results and a massive 20% overall growth in our business after integration of Hotelogix"

 Khane Chompreeda - Managing Director

Hotelogix- A concise Overview

Hotelogix is a dynamic and innovative state-of-the-art platform that provides hotel management with the practical tools to control and manage online reservations, housekeeping management and other demanding business operations at substantially affordable monthly price.

The product is an all-rounder web-focused management suite, allowing hotel authorities to manage distribution as well as run all other operations seamlessly. Although the basic design of Hotelogix was meant to be employed by the small and medium-scaled hotels, it has emerged as a mainstream product which is suitable for various types and scales of hotel industry such as resorts, lodges, hostels, inns and camps.

Hotel managers are generally bound by hundreds of responsibilities. The basic purpose of Hotelogix is to reduce the workload and enhance the productivity and the overall efficiency of a hotel management system. Small properties can now contend with large-sized establishments when they include the feature of online reservations to their web portals. Just a little IT knowledge is required to use Hotelogix and thus your entire operation is streamlined without any new investment in workforce training and layout revamping.

Loyfa Natural resort

Endorsement by the Industry Professionals

Reports and feedback from the hotels that have employed Hotelogix platform for online reservation suggest that an instant increase in the ROI is observed, as people from around the world begin making bookings via their hand-held devices or from the comfort of their homes.

The more streamlined the management system, the more satisfied is the clientele. Hotelogix’s tools, such as credit card processing and POS primarily target customer satisfaction. Prospective guests of the hotels and resorts employing Hotelogix were encouraged by the convenience of online bookings, prompt check-in and check-out and easy purchases at sauna and restaurants (which were subtracted from their hotel-managed accounts). Thus, they were also more inclined to refer their relatives and friends to the same hotel.

One of the most exclusive features offered by Hotelogix is its unified Distribution System. Hotels finally can control multiple operations such as GDS, Corporates, social media reservations and bookings via travel agents from a single platform. This specifically is beneficial for small-sized hotels that generally have limited human resource to control and manage multiple channels.

Hotel Loyfa Natural Resort is a practical example of an establishment that transferred its manually-handled operations to cloud-based property management systems. According to the hotel management, the hotel is running a seamless operations management system as compared to the manual work they used to do earlier. They consider incorporation of Hotelogix platform an amazing addition to their system as it is giving them precise and prompt results. In addition, they also reported a massive 20% overall growth in their business after integration of Hotelogix.

The hotel management can also avail the 24/7 live support service that can help the prospective as well as the present customers clear up their confusions and resolve their problems. The service also enables the guests to use this platform more effectively and help them in learning the software requirements and other details.

Hotelogix offers an exceptionally flexible property management as well as distribution system devised to support the requirements of small and medium scale hotels. By incorporating Hotelogix into their existing web portals, hotel managers can consolidate operations and attract more guests to make online bookings. In addition, they can also streamline the check in/ check out procedures. Hotelogix works perfectly on any device including computer, laptop and iPads having internet connectivity. This implies that the hotel managers who employ Hotelogix can have access to their client’s management system even if they are working in their office, home or are traveling on the road.  





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