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What price is right?

We help to set the right rates which would bring the highest revenue for your hotel.


How to set optimized rates?

Creating the optimal price is based on various factors as supply and demand, costing etc. The hotel industry has priced its products for many years based on seasonality or mid week and weekends.

Dynamic pricing is currently needed to cope with irregular demand which is caused by the increase of online distributors and resellers in combination of new technologies as smart phones and tablets. The market has the opportunity to shop on its own convenient time and using new techniques to valuate purchases and to find the best available rate. Today's hoteliers have to step away from seasonal pricing and use more dynamic and flexible pricing.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing

The right revenue management strategy, leads to dynamic rates which need to be distributed in a short momentum of time, as the market situation is continuous changing. We create a dynamic rate structure with various derivatives that would help the hotelier to optimize its revpar.