Channel Management System

Channel Management system

The Channel manager connects to multiple online travel agents (OTA) extranet  all from one central web interface, ensuring properties of all sizes can maximize their online exposure, increase revenue and reduce the time it takes to update rooms across all websites.

The CMS provides the hotel with one entry to point for Inventory control and Rate distribution.



PMS interface

Rates and availability can be automatically sent from your PMS system through to the online booking sites every couple of minutes.

The system makes sure that your online inventory is always in line with what you have available in your PMS. Reservations from bookings sites are automatically captured by the system into your PMS system.  Reservation staff doesn't have to enter the reservations emails manually.

Inventory control 

Assigning and updating room allotments for all your online travel agents (OTA's) from 1 system, 1 login and 1 password. Assign rates to all your online travel agents, and prevent rate parity situations.


channel management

Pooled inventory

Pooled inventory allows accommodation providers to have all available inventory showing across all sites at the same time. The system automatically adjusts inventory when a booking occurs across any site. This means accommodation providers can increase the distribution of their rooms, without worrying about over bookings and can maximize their revenue across a wider range of sites.