The Rise of Metasearch Engines

When the advertisers started spewing off about comparing hotel prices for your trips, no one thought such a gimmick could work. However, over the years TripAdvisor, GoogleAds and Trivago have [...]

Managing cost of Distribution channel

How Hotels Plan To Address Rising Acquisition Costs In 2019 Hoteliers have a host of challenges to overcome in 2019 and while some might chalk these issues to the same old stories of the past, [...]

Google Hotel Room Booking

Google is taking its ambition to dominate the accommodation sector to a whole new level through the introduction of a new feature called the Room Booking Module or RBM to its product Google Hotel [...]

Google Search Engine Dominance

How Google Takes Undue Advantage Of Its Search Engine Dominance Google was recently hit with a whopping 2.42 billion fine by the European Commission for taking undue advantage of its dominant [...]

Goolge remains the Biggest ?

We live and find ourselves in a world where every business enterprise looks to expand their customer base and reach. The competition is more fierce in the technology industry. Tech giants and [...]

2017 Google Search for hotels

After a series of researches and surveys, it became obvious that the continuous formatting of search engine result pages for hotel markets has a very big influence on how users click links and [...]

Google Hotel booking tips

Many business owners who have struggled directly with the vagaries that artificial intelligence has placed on getting the best results out of your web site, ads, and social media campaigns as [...]

Google Take Over The Ota Industry?

Google is currently expanding its suite travel products, and the fact that the Internet giant is encroaching into the online travel space, has left other players in the industry concerned. [...]

Google Destinations for Hotels

The recently announced new feature of Google called Google destinations will shock the travel industry once again. After their previous successful disruptions as Google Flights and Google Hotels, [...]