The Rise of Metasearch Engines

When the advertisers started spewing off about comparing hotel prices for your trips, no one thought such a gimmick could work. However, over the years TripAdvisor, GoogleAds and Trivago have [...]

Increase Hotel Website Conversion Rate

When it comes to the travel and hospitality, there are several ways through which conversion rate can be boosted on your Hotel website and these ways have been outlined here. Most importantly, [...]

Hotel Website Conversion Rates

An Insight Into Hotel Website Conversion Rates The rate of conversion for hotel websites is influenced by different factors. Which is why it will be unprofessional to think of meeting a [...]

Facebook Advertising how to start?

How To Enhance Your Direct Booking With Facebook Advertising Facebook is no doubt, one of the most productive advertising platforms available today. In case you do not know, Facebook advertising [...]

Hotel Metasearch tips

Five Ways To Make Hotel Metasearch Ads Work Better For Your Hotel Online travel agents have dominated metasearch sites because they have the money to pay for dominance. Everyone is paying for [...]

Get started with Revenue Management

Revenue management and marketing were at each other’s throats during the hotel slump. Now that the massive downturn has become history, revenue management must take on new and broader [...]

2017 Google Search for hotels

After a series of researches and surveys, it became obvious that the continuous formatting of search engine result pages for hotel markets has a very big influence on how users click links and [...]

Google Hotel booking tips

Many business owners who have struggled directly with the vagaries that artificial intelligence has placed on getting the best results out of your web site, ads, and social media campaigns as [...]

How to Beat OTAs

You may think that OTA’s have cornered the booking market because you do not have the funds to compete with companies that can spend billions of dollars on online and television advertising. The [...]

Hotel Marketing 2016

The Evolution Of Four Ps To Four Es In Hotel Business Before now, the focus of successful hoteliers used to be on the 4Ps which stands for Product, Promotion, Price and Place. Then, customers [...]