Hotel Website Conversion Rates

An Insight Into Hotel Website Conversion Rates The rate of conversion for hotel websites is influenced by different factors. Which is why it will be unprofessional to think of meeting a [...]

Hotel Metasearch tips

Five Ways To Make Hotel Metasearch Ads Work Better For Your Hotel Online travel agents have dominated metasearch sites because they have the money to pay for dominance. Everyone is paying for [...]

Google Search Engine Dominance

How Google Takes Undue Advantage Of Its Search Engine Dominance Google was recently hit with a whopping 2.42 billion fine by the European Commission for taking undue advantage of its dominant [...]

Google Hotel booking tips

Many business owners who have struggled directly with the vagaries that artificial intelligence has placed on getting the best results out of your web site, ads, and social media campaigns as [...]

SEO for Hotels

SEO for hotels might not be that hard as you can expect it to be, although it can have its fair share of challenges at times. If you do proper SEO you can boost your customer base up to 3 times [...]